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What is Obamacare? What is Healthcare Reform? What is the Accountable Care Act (ACA)? 
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Welcome to Cassidy Medical Group Part of OptumCare.  For over 60 years our staff and physicians have been dedicated to providing quality and compassionate healthcare to Tri-City families. One of the ways we do this is by offering online health services to our patients.

If you're already a Cassidy Medical Group Part of OptumCare registered patient and already have a portal account, welcome back!

Our online services include the ability to communicate with your physician's office through secure email, ability to view your Medical Record, request an appointment and view and update your personal information. Cassidy Medical Group Part of OptumCare is excited to offer these services and provide you with the added convenience and security   in managing your health care!

 **Please note: Currently MAC use is not supported. When using a MAC, you may have limited access or views
                          Internet Explorer browser versions 9, 10 and 11 are supported

Cassidy Medical Group Part of OptumCare reserves the right to deactivate any portal user account that is found to be sending communication that include but are not limited to solicitations, abusive remarks or comments, defamatory statements, illegal content or spamming.

   HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices