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Family Practice & Internal Medicine Offices

Family Practice
145 Thunder Drive
Vista, CA 92083
Ph: (760) 941-9002

Family Practice:     Hugh K. Hodsman, M.D. (offers online services)
Family Practice:     Kevin T. Sefuert, M.D. (offers online services)
Family Practice:     Kala R. Bhasker, M.D. (offers online services)
Family Practice:     Deisha M. Wilson, D.O. (offers online services)
Internal Medicine:  Gary L. Kobayashi, M.D. (offers online services)


Family Practice
2095 W. Vista Way, Suite 218
Vista, CA 92083
Ph: (760) 630-3562                    

Family Practice:   Robert H. Barron, M.D. (offers online services)
Family Practice:   Simona C. Pop, M.D. (offers online services)

Family Practice & Internal Medicine -Carlsbad

2562 State Street, Suite D
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Ph: (760) 729-7186

Family Practice:    Gary P. Korff, M.D. (offers online services)
Internal Medicine: Andrew J. Hall, M.D. (offers online services)

After Hours Care:

Location: 145 Thunder Drive, Vista, CA 92083

Phone: (760) 941-9002

Hours:  Monday-Friday 5pm-9pm 
             Saturdays 9am-5pm 
             Sundays 10am-4pm


145 Thunder Drive
Vista, CA 92083
Ph: (760) 630-5485
Fax: (760)


2067 W. Vista Way, Suite 280
Vista, CA 92083
Ph: (760) 941-3630

Lynette Asselin, D.O.
Diane Bedrosian, M.D.
Michael W. Karp, M.D.
Michael D. Krak, M.D.
Sherine Parker, M.D.


145 Thunder Drive, 2nd Floor
Vista, CA 92083
Ph: (760) 941-1440

John M. Bennett, M.D.     
Chunjai P. Clarkson, M.D.
Erin Quinn, NP

Billing Office

Ph:(949) 923-3476

For HMO Patients

Primary Care Associates
450 S. Melrose Drive, Suite 220
Vista, CA 92081-6664     
Ph: 760-542-6757
Fax: 760-542-6747

Member Services
Tel: 800-956-8000
Mon, Wed & Fri
8am-4:30pm PST
Tue & Thurs
8am-6pm PST

(Fri - Closed 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.)

Utilization Management
Tel: 760-542-6757

Mon - Fri
8am-5pm PST



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